In Joshua chapter 24, we see the covenant renewed at Shechem.
In Genesis 12 God made a covenant with Abraham
and then told him to go “to the land I will show you.” Shechem
is the place where the Lord appeared to Abraham and
told him that to his offspring “I will give this land.”

Here stands Abraham’s offspring at the same place, Shechem,
and now their leader Joshua recalls their history and
how God has been with them and has helped them. Joshua
tells the people of Israel to “fear the Lord and serve him
faithfully” he goes on to say, “Throw away the gods your
ancestors worshiped beyond the Euphrates River and in
Egypt, and serve the Lord.” Joshua is telling them that this
is your time. Your time to decide to serve the Lord. It is
time for you to step up and follow God! I can hear the enthusiasm
in Joshua’s voice as they are about to enter the
promised land. Joshua tells them in verse 15, “choose for
yourselves this day whom you will serve.” And then he tells
them his own plans, “But as for me and my household, we
will serve the Lord.”

What about you? What is your answer to Joshua’s question?
Who are you going to choose to serve? Are you ready and
willing to serve Jesus, even if nobody else does? What
about your family, are you going to lead by example?
I encourage you today to read Genesis 12 and Joshua 24
again today. Let the Holy Spirit lead you as you read His
word. God is faithful!

Pastor Doug