“The Church of the Nazarene, as a global family, affirms our
citizenship in God’s kingdom and cannot support the separa-tion
of children from their parents at the USA-Mexico bor-der.”

This was a statement that was posted on the Church of the
Nazarene’s Facebook page last evening as the Board of Gen-eral
Superintendent’s (along with many other leaders across
the country) signed a letter to President Trump from the
Evangelical Immigration Table. The letter puts focus on the
situation happening at our southern border, where families
are being ripped apart. As followers of Jesus, we are to love
all people. In previous statements, the Board of General Su-perintendents
has urged us as Nazarenes to “Nazarenes to
express Christian love to immigrants who live among us.”

There are no strangers, no immigrants in the Kingdom of
God, we are all one. There is no division. Join the Board of
General Superintendents and other evangelical leaders in-cluding
Pastor Cindy and myself as we pray for these fami-lies
and that the atrocities will be righted. Also, I urge you
not only to pray, but to find ways to do something, to make
your voice heard as Christ followers are doing all over the
country to stop these atrocities.