Pastor confession: Some weeks when I have something to write it’s “like pulling teeth” to think of something. Other times, there are so many ideas rolling around in my head that I don’t know which one to choose. This week has been one of the latter.

I decided to choose something that God seems to be emphasizing to me recently – to take things little by little. What do I mean by that? That to accomplish something beneficial takes many small steps. It’s true, this is a simple statement, however it’s something we ignore too often. Our culture tells us we should do big things that people will notice.

But good things don’t typically happen overnight. They are the result of making consistent choices and doing the work each day. It’s early February and statistically, many people are running out of steam so to speak with the New Year’s Resolutions. I encourage you to reconsider. Call them resolutions, call them goals…whatever you like; but choose some things that you feel God calling you to work on. Then break those things down into smaller steps. Because we need to understand that little by little choices and actions add up, and they either build something positive or something negative…depending on your choices.

I submit that while the idea of little by little adding up often comes to us via our self-help culture, it is actually Biblical. Consider many of Jesus’ parables. He often compared the Kingdom of God to something that grew from something small. Particularly the tiny mustard seed in Matthew 13, Mark 4, or Luke 13.

The principle is demonstrated in the choices of Benaiah. First mentioned in 2 Samuel 23:20-23, Benaiah was a warrior who made bold choices that lead to him becoming one of King David’s bodyguard. He continued to prove himself until Benaiah was made commander and chief of Israel’s armies.

Additionally, in Zechariah 4 speaking of the rebuilding of the temple following exile, verse 10 says the following: “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” Begin the work God is calling you to my friends. Little by little it will add up.

~ Pastor Cindy