I was able to attend Celebrate Life at Olivet Nazarene University May 10
-12. Todd directed the Bible Quizzing and I officiated. I love watching
teenagers display how much Scripture they have hidden in their hearts.
But that wasn’t even close to all there was to see! There were over
1,500 teens running around campus playing every sport you can name
and showing off their singing, speaking, writing, etc. And we had three
worship services where we strongly felt God’s presence.

I had the privilege to attend a new event called “Pastor’s Roundtable”.
We had lunch and dinner on Friday in the President’s Dining Room and
got to listen and speak with ONU President Dr. John Bowling and Dean
of the School of Theology and Ministry Dr. Mark Quanstrom. Since they
are a lot smarter than me, I thought I would share with you some of my
notes from Dr. Bowling’s talk about leadership.

Leaders DO. They always do the right things. They always do something.
They sometimes do anything. Generally, leaders know the
right thing to do. But when they aren’t sure they still do something, because
they recognize they need to keep moving forward. If what they
try turns out to be wrong, they own their mistake and learn from it.
They do anything because they know at times just taking the next step
breaks you out of your paralysis. But also, sometimes do anything
means doing nothing, i.e. waiting on God.

A leader’s most important job is to guard, foster and strengthen the
mission of their church or organization. We need to share the why of
who we are and that explains what we do.

Remember that leadership happens daily, but not in a day. Leadership
is a process. Stay attentive to your environment so that you always
keep learning!

Pastor Cindy