Have you ever wished that you could freeze a moment, or go and relive something in your past? Have you ever lost a photo, one that you treasured with all of you heart, not because of the image in the photo, but because of the experience that the photo represented? Well, I have. These past two weeks I have been on the hunt for a photo of Havana, Cuba, one that I took while on a mission trip there. While looking for it though, I ended up looking through several of my other photos from trips that I have been on. They each brought up moments in which I could remember a life changing experience with God. Whether it was the actual event or something leading up to the event, the photo reminded me of it.

This got me thinking about how we as people tend to cherish moments. Yet, do we also tend to see God in these cherished moments? This last week my grandfather went to go see his first great grandchild, and in doing so my cousin talked about how they haven’t been able to see great grandpa for 366 days. So this was a moment for everyone to cherish. In that moment my cousin recorded her daughter hugging my grandpa and showing absolute joy. She had gotten to see her great grandpa for the first time in 366 days. My grandfather thought that he wouldn’t be able to see her for at least five more months. But God made a way. This is just an example of a everyday moment that many wouldn’t think about God being present, yet God was there. God made the way.

Moments like these make me think about how we see God. How it is that we may live day by day, not really thinking about how it is that God may be interacting with us throughout the cherished moments? It had me thinking about moments throughout my life. Moments that lead me to this very moment writing this to you all. It was like God was asking me these questions. Do the moments you cherish point to God? Do you see God in the journey? Or is God simply riding in the back seat? Or did you leave God at home?

~ Pastor Jillian