For the past several years, God and I have been communicating about my call. Through God I have been able to understand it in an entirely different light. I must be able to see that my call might be leading in multiple different directions, but only one will be the one that will have the most impact for the kingdom of God and give me the most fulfillment. Yet this path of my call is not an easy one. It would mean stepping way out of my comfort zone, opening myself to the world and the rejection of others. It would mean having to be comfortable with backlash, even from those that I may never think of receiving backlash from. Yet this is what God called me to do, so what do I do? Take the part of my call that is safer and easier, or the one that could quite possibly change the world? What would you do with that weight?

Well, I don’t know about y’all, but this is one thing I do. The early Church faced the same fear and urgency in their calls as well, but theirs may be worse than ours. Mainly because of the fact that during the time of the early church, Christians were not only being persecuted by Jews, but also by Rome and many other countries as well. There was no “safe” place, other then the place of believers. Yet even then you ran the risk of be found out, and the lot of you being taken to be killed. We on the other hand don’t face the same problems as they do. We don’t risk our lives to preach the bible, yet we live in fear of preaching. Why is that? Why is it that we as people end up caring so much about what other people think, so much so that we neglect to preach the gospel? Most of all when the first people to preach the gospel had so much more to worry about, yet did it to so much of an extent that they started changing the world and makes you stop and think. Why am I so scared to preach, when all that I have to worry about is some form of rejection?

~ Pastor Jillian