Lately, I have been stuck with a idea in my head, something that God has really been laying down hard on me, and that is the concept of rewriting. Yet for me, this is not something new. When I was in ministry school one of my professors talked about rewriting our story for our benefit all the time. He talked about how we can write them in order to help convey a point, or even to help further our message, but lately I feel like God has been taking it one step further.

God has me stuck on the idea of writing our story and how when we become Christian we must give our story to God and have him write it for out benefit. Making it so that our story is no longer our own, but instead a part of the never ending story of God. This is something that we have been talking about in church, yet I feel like we can never talk about it enough. Mainly because in the end, giving our story to God, makes it so that we can no longer be stuck in a piece, or part of out story. We can now break the loop that we have been getting so stuck in. The loop that tells us that we are broken, that we cannot be loved or used, that we are not capable of the things that God is calling us to. The very loop that we find it so hard to break, but once we give it to God so that God can rewrite our story, the loop just seems like it is no longer a problem.

Yet to rewrite our story means even more then just rewriting our stories, in a way it means to rewrite our faith. It can mean to rewrite Christianity. To rewrite everything as we know it, and guess what, we as Christians could use a good rewriting. A good moment of additional understanding, and getting to know things differently. A moment of reteaching things that we all ready know. A moment of completely washing away everything that we once knew in order to understand Christianity the way God once us to. Yet to do so means giving everything to God and letting go a everything that we think makes us who we are. Not many people would not be willing to do this, in fact many of us most likely have already turned this away. Yet I am asking you to take a moment and ask God what needs to be rewritten in your life.

The is not something simple, it is something deep, something so complex that it is so hard to put it in words, on a piece of paper. Yet I have to do just that, and all I am asking is that you takes this to God, and find out for yourself just have complex and hard this concept is, and Just how much we as Christians really need this in our lives.

~ Pastor Jillian