Its that time of year. The time of shopping. The time of presents. The time of decorating. Yet it is also the time of panic, the time of frustration, and the time of depression. You can see it everywhere you go. People are shopping around franticly, trying to find the perfect gifts. Yet this frantic behavior seems to always bring out the worst in people. Trust me I know first hand how this behavior can effect people. So much so that people tend to wipe past that holidays in order to just through it all, yet this means that they are forgetting this point of this season.

This time of the year is more then a time of presents and panic. It is more then a season of giving and being thankful. This time of year is a moment in which the whole world seems frozen, at sleep. A moment in which the whole world seems to be at rest. This is what this time of year is meant to be, a moment of rest, and wait for the hope of the world to come. A moment to be thankful for everything that has come before and rest in the moment. It is a time to reflect on the past and hope for the future.

So in this moment in which we are having to deal with the stress of the time and season, let us not forget what this season is really meant to be. Rather let us take a moment in order to breath in the crisp fresh air, and rest our heart, mind, and soul in order that we might be ready for the coming of the greatest gift of all. So let us be frozen in the moment of the season, forget out all the things that we have to do, and breath. Let us rest and be rested.

~ Pastor Jillian