The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. James 1:5

Have you ever been in absolute pitch darkness? Several years ago, Pastor Cindy and I visited the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. During our cave tour, there is an open area a ways into the cave that had a couple benches. They had us all sit down and turned out the lights. We were far enough underground at this point that there was no light from the outside world. It was absolute pitch black darkness. I moved my hand in front of my face and could not see it.

Then, the park ranger turned on a flashlight. Just a single flashlight. As our eyes adjusted, I was truly amazed how much I could now see from that single light. It provided quite a bit of light even though it was such a small source. It filled the space leaving nothing hidden any longer. This is what happens in a spiritual sense when we truly live our lives with the light of Christ shining through us. It lights up everything around us, because darkness cannot exist in the light. The evil around us is brought to light when we shine Christ’s light. You never know just how God might use your life for the sake of His Kingdom in this way, but I guarantee the God will do so.

Let’s live our lives fully into the new creation Kingdom of God as citizens of that Kingdom, and allow God to use us for the glory of His Kingdom in the days ahead.

Shining our lights together,
~ Pastor Todd