Have you ever looked out into the congregation and thought to yourself, “man I wish I could worship like that.” Most of us have said this a time or two, while others may feel this daily with some form of worship. We feel that because we don’t worship the way that other people worship, then we must be worshiping wrong. So, we try our best to not only figure out what worship is, but we try to figure out how we are doing it wrong, when in all reality the only thing that we are doing wrong is comparing ourselves to others.

Have you ever read through the book of Psalms, or even looked at all of the times the worship in mentioned in the bible? If you have you would notice some things that every time they are different, yet every time there is something similar. They are different in that each Psalm in about something new, something that the Psalmist has yet to sing. The words that the Psalmist says, the way he is praising God, is different than the time before. Each time Worship is mentioned in the bible, they are doing so under different circumstances, and most of the time they are not the greatest of circumstances. Yet in every Psalm, in every time that worship is mentioned, there is one thing that is similar. They are meaning to glorify God. To praise God. To worship God. These are not just moments in order to bring ones burdens, rather it is a moment to speak just how great God is, even in the midst of one’s burdens. That is how we are to worship God still today.

Just look at what is said when people are worshiping in the Bible. It says, in almost every circumstance, that they were worshiping in spirit and in truth. These moments where not moments of the mind speaking, or even the heart, they are moment in which the spirit of the person is crying out to God, to speak to God about how great God is. These were not just simple praises, rather moment in which a person spirit is so move by God, so in love with God, so wanting to be with God, that they can not help but to worship God. Sounds amazing does it, yet many of us look at this and still think that there is no way that we can do this.

Well even in our understanding of worship, we must of understand that just like there are high and lows in life and in faith. There are going to be high and lows in worship. There are going to be moment in which we can not help but to life God up, and then there are moments in which we are just going to have to be in the moment. Be reminded that God is still there, worthy of our praise, but in this moment we need to be filled with God. To sit in the quiet and hear God. Draw closer to Him. So that we can later go to God, praise Him on just how Great God Really IS.

~Pastor Jillian