There are times when words are spoken that we doubt the intention behind them, whether or not the meaning that was spoken is true, or if we can believe them. Most of the time we doubt because we find it hard to believe the words inside of ourselves. The these precious and wonderful things that are spoken couldn’t possibly apply to us, whether it is because we doubt our own self worth, or because our pride is getting in our way. Nevertheless, there are even times when we hear the voice of God, and we doubt God’s word too.

It’s not that we doubt that the words were spoken, that they have come from God, or that they are truth. It is more that we doubt the strength of what was spoken. We don’t see within ourselves how it is that those words fit. Feeling like that couldn’t apply, we don’t let them take hold. Never letting them truly shape us, we never change our thought to the truth of what was spoken, making it that we never progress in the direction that God is leading us to. So God keeps speaking, and slowly by slowly our walls start to crumble and God’s words start to take hold. We start to see how God sees. What it was that God was truly saying. What it was that God was trying to show us. We start to change, so much so that the words spoken start to carry their true weight.

For no Word of God will ever fail. (Luke 1:37) A simple verse that carries a great weight. God words, whether we doubt them or not, will take hold. God doesn’t speak just to rattle of word. Rather God speak to inspire action. To progress us to the point we need to be, to do the kingdom making activity that God needs us to do. So, God speaks, trying to moving us in motion. Propelling us the place that we need to be. Kicking and screaming, sometimes we slowly progress until we get to the point where God wants us to be. Moved and shaped for the better, experiencing several growing pains along the way. We are changed, believing that next time God speaks, we will full-heartedly believe.

Yet, when the time comes once again, we doubt. Passing off the words spoken as truth without weight, we go throughout our day without change. But if we were to give those words spoken the weight that they deserve, truly press them into our heart, and take them into everything that we are. What greater power are we giving to the words of God. The same power that we already know God speaks.

~Pastor Jillian