Commitment. You will hear that word often every new year. You
will be asked, “What do you want this new year?” “Where do you
want to be?” People will ask you to make goals to achieve.
Maybe a better question would be, “Where does God want you to
be this year?” “Are you willing to put Jesus at the top of your
list?” “What do you believe” “Are you ready to share your faith
with others?”

In the first six months of 2018 we will be focusing on what we, as
Nazarenes, believe. We will be going over the Articles of Faith,
The Apostle’s Creed and The Lord’s Prayer.

As we work through these you and I will be challenged to go
deeper in our faith with Jesus. We will be better prepared to
share our faith. We will understand more fully what, and more
importantly why, we believe.

I truly believe that God wants you to be here at HCC. I send out
the challenge for you to join us in this brand-new year! Be here
and be involved. The more you put into your worship, the more
you will receive from your worship.

I’m excited about the new year and the possibilities that will
come in 2018! May the Spirit of Jesus join us as we journey together!

Looking forward to an exciting 2018,
Pastor Doug