He is Risen Indeed! Did you know that you can celebrate
Easter for more than one Sunday? In the liturgical (public
worship) calendar, the 50 days between Easter and Pente-cost
Sundays are called Eastertide.

Easter Sunday (of course!) celebrates Jesus’ resurrection.
It is recognized for five more weeks and then Thursday,
May 10th is “Ascension Day” which recognizes the 40th
day after Jesus’ resurrection when He was taken back up into
Heaven. Then Sunday, May 20th is Pentecost to commemorate
when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples in the Upper
Room. This marks the end of the season of “Sacred Time”
and the beginning of “Ordinary Time” which runs until we
begin Advent.

During this time I would encourage you to read passages
like Matthew 28, Luke 24, John 20-21 and Acts 1-2. These
record some of Jesus last words of instruction to His disciples
before leaving earth.

The Apostle’s Creed which we look at this week, affirms
among other things that we believe Jesus and the Holy
Spirit. Christ died to give us new life. May we take these
days between the celebrations of Christ’s resurrection and
the coming of the Holy Spirit to reflect on the “new” person
God wants us to become.

Pastor Cindy