In the book, Invitation to a Journey, author Robert Mulholland
writes, “Spiritual formation is a process of being formed
in the image of Christ, a journey into becoming persons of
compassion, persons who forgive, persons who care deeply
for others and the world, persons who offer themselves to
God to become agents of divine grace in the lives of others
and their world-in brief, persons who love and serve as Jesus

The key phrase here is being formed. We need to allow Jesus
to form us into his image. We are not the one who does
the forming, but we are the one who gives permission to Jesus
so He can form us into His image. Easier said than done.
It all comes down to control. Do I keep control, or do I allow
Jesus to have control?

This week I want to challenge you to have some quite time
with Jesus. During your quite time ask yourself this difficult
question, “Who is in control of my life?” allow the Holy Spirit
to minister to your heart. If you have any questions about
allowing Jesus to form you into His image then come talk to
me, I’d be glad to help you.

Pastor Doug