Last week I had the opportunity to go the New Mexico Church of the Nazarene Family Camp. Though I had a great chance to see my Friends and Family, it was also a moment to really take a second to really listen and reflect with God. More importantly it was a moment to reflect on God’s people. It was moment for people from all over New Mexico and all over the US to come together. Yet it was more than that, it was a moment in which God’s people came together to share common ideas, principles and beliefs. Or at least that was what it seem like for a little while.

One night during the camp meeting on of the speakers ended up talking about something that made many of us stop and think. Yet is this moment, this group of people that seemed to once be united, became divided over something that at the moment seemed so menial. In this moment I heard a part of the church agree with something that I that I thought many of us have moved past. Yet it was also a moment that made me think.

All throughout history the church has found a way to be divided, then out of this division came growth. The only problem is many of us were not taught to see that. Instead we saw division and change as something to fear and hate. When maybe when division comes our way, we should instead take the time to see why it is happening and learn to look at the other side, in order to grow. The church was never meant to be divided, instead it is meant to grow, but growth can never happen with out some type of force.

~ Pastor Todd