Next Sunday, we are going to start a 7-week sermon series preaching through the book of James. James is a book that is consistently focused on practical action in our lives of faith. Faith does not come by works, but our faith should drive us to practical action serving others in the example of Christ. James also focuses on a life of holiness. In fact, there are several direct commands in this text that should guide how lives of holiness should look even going so far as to encourage those of us who claim to be Jesus followers to act like God’s people. Our faith should be visible as we walk our everyday lives, as lives of holiness are visible. However, it is also important to note that James makes clear that our faith should produce real life change.

I encourage you to join us each of the next seven weeks as I believe that God has some growing and stretching that he wants to do in each of our lives. James is a book that should allow God to use the words of James to transform us even more to his likeness. Our lives should continue to more clearly reflect Jesus each and every day. My prayer is that we would all allow God to work in and through us while he continues his good work in us as we study the book of James together.

Please approach each of these messages and associated small group sessions prayerfully. I am excited to see what God wants to do through this study!

~ Pastor Todd