We’ve journeyed through Lent. We experienced the tension of Good Friday. We’ve sat in the uncomfortable silence of Holy Saturday. And now it is Resurrection Sunday. The Sunday each year that we focus on celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead – death and sin are defeated! This is the center of our faith.

We often so very easily rush through the Lenten season and Holy Week and are ready to celebrate Easter. While there is significant importance in the entire account of Christ’s last days on earth, there is great significance in God raising him back to life. He atoned for our sins in death and provided the ultimate hope in his resurrection and the promise of his return one day. The resurrection impacts everyone who confesses with their lips and believes in their hearts that Jesus is Lord. The power of the resurrection changes lives – even today. As the church we have a great hope that stems from the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

My challenge for us in the weeks ahead is that we do not just celebrate the resurrection on Easter morning. Let’s continue to celebrate it and live into the power and hope of the resurrection, sharing with everyone we can what God has done for us through our faith in him. Let’s be the authentic reflection of Jesus to our communities, our families, our friends, and everyone we meet as we live in the power and hope of the resurrection!

On the journey together,
~ Pastor Todd