It is to no surprise that I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday out of the whole year. Most people though, are surprised to hear this, they all tend to think that I, as a pastor, should love Christmas more then Easter. Yet, for me, my love for Easter has to do with a personal note. It is fun, at Easter, to get caught up in the joy and laughter of it all, in the giving of Easter baskets and the joys of Easter egg hunts. Though it is more fun to look at the story and moment of it all. It is the story of a man the came to give the greatest gift of all, one that doesn’t fit in a basket, along with the season of rebirth and renewal. It is because of the season of rebirth and renewal, and the story of Jesus Christ – this is why I love Easter.

Easter is a moment to remember that God loves me so much that he sent his Son to die, not only for me, but to also give me a moment of rebirth. A moment in order to become like new through him. A moment to let go of everything that is in my past in order to be renewed. It is not only a moment in order to remember why it is that I have this opportunity, but also a reminder that I still most take up this season of renewal day by day. It is a reminder that just because there are seasons all throughout the year, our season of renewal is not one that comes and goes. Rather it stays with us constantly. As constant as we are with Christ, his renewal is with us.

~ Pastor Jillian