We live in a day where there are so many divisive topics. It seems as if there are two distinct sides (at least) to every issue and no one will listen to anyone else because their side can be the only right side. It is difficult to have a civil conversation these days. I have heard many lament that in recent days. What can we do about it? What should we do about it?

Well, friends, as the church of Jesus Christ, there is in fact much we can do about it. Our sermon this week is the start of a series of sermons from now until Labor Day that will help us with some of the necessary and difficult conversations that we need to have in these days. This week we start with the idea of labeling others. We see examples of labeling all the way back to Jesus’ time and we seem to have perfected this art in our current time. This conversation is one that we need to have with those of us who are Christ followers. We need to stop labeling people and defining them by a label before we ever talk to them. Labels shut down conversation. Labels shut down love. Labels shut down forgiveness.

Some conversations are ones that we need to have within the church while other conversations we will work through will be some that will be ones we need to be ready to have with others as we build relationships with lost and broken people. I challenge us all to keep an open mind and engage in these difficult conversations as we will be more effective stewards of the Kingdom of God in the here and now if we do.

Learning to walk Christ’s road together,
~ Pastor Todd