A couple of week ago, in one of our bible studies, we talked about how we have a hard time believing that miracles can happen. A lot of us say it is because we have never had to experience them before, but we have everything that we need. We do know that miracles can, and sometimes do, happen. We know this because the Bible, through Jesus, tells us so. Yet we struggle.

As many of you know, I have been working very hard in the church’s garden lately. I have spent a lot of time, effort and money in this garden. Praying over every plant, and praying even harder for every plant to grow and produce abundantly, while also praying that the weeds just go away. Though the weeds seem to be staying more then I would like, the crop has been abundant. Plants that I have thought were going to die, are still alive and producing. Crops that have been eaten up by animals, have some how raised from the dead. This and so much more have been happening in the garden. Yet, for many of us, we would stop to think about how this could be one of God’s many miracles.

Just the other day, I was taking some of the raspberries that had over ripened, before I could give them away, out of my freezer. I took them out to make Jam, something that I have done many times before, yet something was different this time. I went ahead to prepare the same amount of jars that I always prepare, seven jars, even though the receipt only calls for six, yet when I started to make the jam there seemed to be way more than what I was use to. I started counting in my head, trying to remember how many cups of raspberries and sugar I had put in. The same amount as usual. Yet the mixture was bigger. Then I thought, well maybe it’s not, it may just be darker. So I started pouring the mixture in the jars, and before I knew it, I was out of prepared jars. Instead of seven jars, this time I made ten. God gave me a miracle in the form of jam. Now some of you may say, oh, well you most likely did the mixture wrong in some way, and I may have, or maybe it was God.

~ Pastor Jillian