Have you ever had one of those times in your life that you felt like something was missing? One of those times you spend all day trying to figure out what it is, you never can? It is like you know that something can not be missing, because you do that same thing everyday. Day in and day out, nothing ever changes, so how can something be missing? Yet maybe that is that point, nothing ever changes. Maybe, in these moments, God is calling out to us, telling us that we have grown to become stagnant and that nothing has never changed and neither have we.

This reminder came to me this week while listening to a old podcast by another minister my age. In the podcast he talked about being stagnant and how easy it is to train. He talked about how when someone starts training they may not like it at first, but it is good for them and soon results start to become visible. However, if one was to stop training then the results would soon be lost. Similarly, when we train with the Bible, the moment we stop, all of our training is quickly lost. If you keep with your training then results become visible. Yet there is even more then this. If you train with the same thing every day, then you are not going to see great results. It is the same with our faith. If we are only strengthening our faith by doing the same thing every day, then our faith doesn’t grow that much.

As Christians, we owe it to ourselves to try our best to grow in our faith. The only way to do this is to train our faith, like we would train any other part of ourselves. We have to stretch our faith and try to grow deeper and deeper. Most importantly we have to make sure that we are keeping up with our training. Never give up, and keep on growing.

~ Pastor Jillian