We all have come to know that a relationship takes two people. We know that just as one gives, so must the other. There is a constant working between the two, yet does this hold true when we think about our relationship with God? We pray with God and lay all of our burdens down at God’s feet. We even praise God when a prayer has been answered, yet is this what a relationship with God truly should resemble?

I have thought about God in the past, and at times I have experienced struggle and silence. I now realize that those were the moments in which my relationship with God had become very one sided. I had only been going to God when I needed God for something, when I needed God to give me something. However, I never gave anything back to God, but the thanks that God deserved. God had become like a tool ready for me to use, yet that is not who God is. That is not the relationship that I truly needed from God. So how do we have a relationship with God?

Well, the same way God started the relationship with us, by truly seeking God. Not just simply praying and being with God. Not simply having small talk with God, rather, spending day in and day out searching for God further and further still, but trying to constantly seek to better understand and know, not only who God is, but why God does what God does. We should seek to know God, like God knows us, just like Moses prayed for God to truly show himself in all his glory, and then was called to face God on the mount. We must seek God to know God, not just in the simplest of ways, but in the ways that a wife knows her husband, and a husband his wife. Then when we get to that point we must be take in the moment of sweat victory, only so that the next day we may hunger to seek to know God even more.

~ Pastor Jillian