I’ve been listening to a devotional app called Lectio 365. Lately part of the opening prayer states, “I have set my heart on pilgrimage, so challenge me and change me, cleanse and rearrange me, until the fire that burned in St. Aidan’s heart, burns brightly in mine.”

Let me give you a little context. The author of the devotionals is author and writer Pete Greig from London. He recently made a three-week pilgrimage from the island of Iona on the west coast of Scotland to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne on the northeast coast of England. He followed in the footsteps of the Irish monk and missionary Aidan who went at the request of a king. The newly crowned king was saddened by the growth of paganism and wanted to bring Christianity back to his people. So, he called on the monks from Iona where he had once been lived while exiled.

Aidan went, and he won over an island full of people who were previously know for being hard-hearted toward the gospel. He founded a monastery there, and among other things was eventually a bishop. He was known for walking practically everywhere, only using a horse if something was urgent. And as he walked, Aidan is said to have invited everyone, no matter who they were to “embrace the mystery of the faith”, or if there were already believers he sought to encourage them. Aidan means “little fiery one” and he certainly had a fire in his spirit.

Now, back to our opening prayer. The phrase “Challenge, change, cleanse and rearrange me” has been sticking in my brain. Allow me to share a bit of conversation in my head and heart.

I want to pray that. I know need that. But Lord…that’s scary. I feel God simply waiting.

I have to take the next step, don’t I, or I’m being disobedient. *God nodding.*

O-K. I will. I want to obey. I believe God, help my unbelief.

God smiles and replies, “I will my child. Trust in me.”

I light my candle against the dark. I lean in to listen and learn. I take the next step, and God is there. Hallelujah.

Walking with you,
Pastor Cindy