I’ve spent the last three days with over 10,000 students and sponsors at Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) in Tampa, Florida. I spent the three days before that at the National Bible Quiz with approximately 80 of the best quizzers from the USA. It has been an incredible week. Imagine worshipping with over 10,000 people! There was a sweet aroma of the Spirit with us in that arena as praises were sung and genuine worship was offered through artistic expression, music, the preached Word, and mission service projects giving back to Tampa.

The theme was Overflow. The question posed several times is what would it look like if we were so full of the love of God that it continually overflowed onto others? What would it look like if we allowed God to fill us to overflowing while transforming us to be a better example of the hands and feet of Jesus? These are great and challenging questions.

The message this evening by Dr. Carla Sunberg reminded us that if we stand in the overflow of God’s love and grace that God will empower us for life. She expressed her hope for the future watching this generation, but encouraged them (and all of us) to pick up the mantle and take it, but first we need to say YES to Jesus and trust that Jesus will give us everything we need.

I share in the hope for the future of the church. This generation is the future and has a unique perspective to bring to the church. I am encouraged watching the youth of our church this week, the future looks bright for God’s Kingdom if we all allow ourselves to stand in the overflow and allow the Spirit to continually fill us to overflowing so that we can pour out God’s love, grace, and mercy to others.

Hopeful for the future,
~Pastor Todd