When life gets hard, who do you turn to? When you are afraid to do something that you know needs to be done, what do you do? When a hard choice has to do made, how do you make it? Over the past week, these have been questions that I have been asking, trying to wrap my mind around that thought that you really are in a situation that needs action. Yet you hesitate, you ask questions, you think why, why is this happening? Why me? Why now? What lead me to this place, in this moment? Yet something is still moving you to action, even with all of your hesitation.

Esther’s story is one that can give you strength in times like these. She was also put in a situation in which action needed to take place. She was given a position that she didn’t want, though many thought it a blessing, she knew the dangers. Yet this wasn’t the end of it, another situation was happening. One that would require her to take action to save her people. Even in the face of all of this, Esther questioned her strength, doubted if she was the one to do this, wondering why she was the one that had to. Yet God put her in the right place at the right time so that she could bring the right action to save her people. Yes someone else could have done it, but no one could have done it like Esther.

This is the same for us. We may never know why we get into the situation that we do, but it is one that needs our help, one that is calling us into Godly action. It was all for a reason. It may be hard to believe that we can do it. That we are the right people. That this situation is really happening. But when the call to action is one that rattles our heart, and feels like a movement from God, how can we not respond? We my just need to pray for the bravery, and courage along the way.

~Pastor Jillian