There is a saying that has been on my mind lately, “destiny is set in stone.” It is as if only understanding our destiny, or if our future was as easy as reading words written in stone. Yet it is our destiny, our future, what it is that God has in store for our lives that we as people to long to understand. We act and yearn to know and understand why it is that God placed us on the earth. Sometimes, this yearning comes out of longing, sometime pain, hurt, or desperation, while other times it comes out of hope. Whatever it may be, this simple matter remains the same and we all experience this. The thing is, we as Christians must be willing to step out in the unknown; because the truth of the matter is, our destiny will never be laid out in front of us written in stone.

Let’s take for instance the story of Abram. God didn’t layout the life of Abram, God didn’t tell him everything that was going to happen. God in no way prepared Abram for the road that was ahead, rather God called Abram to trust him. To pack up all his things, leave everything that he knew and follow God. The only thing that God tells him is that God is going to make him into a great nation. There is no how, why, when or where. Just a simple go to the place I have prepared for you, and Abram went. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t bumps in the road, moments of doubt, or even struggle. Abram trusted in God through it all. Though at times it felt like trust wavered, Abram still turned to a point in which he was able to put all his faith in God. We can do the same.

In times that the future may seem to be uncertain, we must put our faith in God. God at times will not tell us everything he has planned for us. God may even at times tell us that we are going to be doing amazing things. We must simply put our trust into the hands of the creator. Even in times of hardship and uncertainty, we must be willing to know that God has a plan through it all. No matter what, God knows what is best and has a plan in mind. We must simply be willing to take a leap a faith and trust in a destiny that will never be written in stone.

~ Pastor Jillian