This past week was Valentine’s Day, as with many holidays, some people love it and others hate
it. I asked one co-worker if they did anything with their spouse. Their reply was “If I need a day
to celebrate love, I’m doing it wrong.”

It’s interesting to me that a day which began as the feast day for Saint Valentine – who was
martyred and buried on February 14 in the third century has morphed into a day when we are
supposed to show love with either dramatic actions or the so-called right gifts. According to
Wikipedia, Saint Valentine was associated with loving nobly which many felt was more of a
spiritual than a romantic connection.

Despite the pressure some may feel around Valentine’s Day, being romantic is easier than loving
nobly. Think about it. Romance can be shallow. To love nobly, you have to go deep. One might
be proud of yourself if you are romantic enough to win your date over. Those who love nobly put
their loved ones first.

Many found irony that this year Valentine’s Day was also Ash Wednesday. One is a
commercialized holiday and the other is about humbling ourselves. But both (done correctly) are
all about love.

Romance can be fleeting. Loving nobly takes time. Ash Wednesday began Lent, the 40 day
season that leads to Easter. How will you live humbly and love nobly during this time?

Praying for you,
Pastor Cindy